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Questions from Jake

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Today, in the Facebook group, Satanic Theory and Perspective, Jake asked us: So my question – What is your opinion on the handicapped, those with handicapped family members, and those who are not financially well off? — (Not by choice but by matter and circumstance.)

This really makes me stop and think. But I am not sure everyone stopped and put some thought into their answers. Some of the answers really baffled me – that people with mental handicaps cannot ever be true Satanists because they are not smart enough; people with physical handicaps, on the other hand, can because they are still smart.

Um, what? Seriously? I really just don’t get that. Jake and I appear to be on the same page – everyone is a part of Satan’s Kingdom. As such, they might not deserve our respect but that decision is one that should be made after actually getting to know the person individually rather than basing that decision on their mental or physical capabilities.

What do I think of those with handicapped family members? Well, that depends on how they treat them? Are they patient, kind, understanding with their handicapped family members? Or, are they cruel, rude, and ignorant? If they are the former, then I applaud them; if they are the latter, then I rail against them.


As for those who are not financially well-off? Well, I am one of those. I work my ass off, but I am bad with money. And frankly, I don’t care. As they say, you can’t take it with you. Why not spend it on stuff now? (You know, bills and rent and stuffs…)

I know; it probably doesn’t look like I’m putting all that much thought into this. But I am. You might not see it because my words are simple, but it’s there. It might not get put into paper, but it gets put into action. I am all about respect. Respect of self; respect of nature; respect of animals; and respect of others. And some of the answers on the Facebook group made me kind of sad, because they are so far from respectful.

I think this statement burns me the most:  Lastly, if the person has a mental or physical disability of some type, would question their motives for wanting to be “Satanic” in the first place? I feel that Satanism is meant to be more of an “intellectual” philosophy that promotes a logical way of thinking. So if someone has limited mental capacities, how and why would they want to get into Satanism is beyond me, since they should be preoccupied with more important stuff in their lives. So I would be skeptical as to why even be a Satanist if you have all these other issues going on in your life? What would someone like that hope to gain from Satanism if they dont even have the mental capacity to ever fully understand its workings?

I mean, who says that kind of shit? You won’t hold it against them because it isn’t something they can control or do anything about…but, you question their ability to be a Satanist? I have issues going on in my life; you have issues going on in your life – we all have other issues going on. What the hell is that shit about?

As for what one hopes to gain from Satanism? Why is it about what one gains? I mean, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed – I’ll never be a member of Mensa, I only carry a B average… Should I not be a Satanist any longer? The outright audacity of that statement is beyond me.


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  1. Sadly, I fear there is a few Satanists who have rather inflated egos and thinks that there are certain people below them and they should be looked down upon. They fail to see that Satan calls whom he likes, regardless of IQ or disability.

    Comment by vegangoth819 — 09/12/2011 @ 12:37

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