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A response to Sectarian Satanism…

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So, part of the purpose of this blog is for us to network with each other; respond to blog posts of others writing about Theistic Satanism. So far, I have not done that; frankly, I wasn’t sure when I was going to since I’m now back to work at both jobs (7 days a week, 9 hours a day), in school full time, and trying to move. I know, I’m crazy. Whatevs. Today, however; I stayed home sick so I’m going to dedicate a block of time to this and see how I do. As always, the views expressed are my own personal opinion and do not reflect the opinions of anyone else, associated with Satanism or not.

Yesterday, Jake Nicholson (linked on the right —>) gave us a blog post entitled “Sectarian Satanism? (http://thetheisticsatanist.wordpress.com/2011/06/06/sectarian-satanism/), which really got me thinking. I mean, I believe we all know that all paths have had more than one fork, or sect. We just cannot argue that point. It’s when he stated “The larger scale, would be best demonstrated where the LeVayan community espouses a general hatred towards for Satanists who believe in a literal Satan” (para. 3) that I had to stop. Why? Simply because I recognized myself. As the title of my blog tells you, I consider myself a Theistic Satanist. But on my journey of self discovery, I have joined many forums for Satanists – some of which do not tell you they are for LeVayan Satanists rather than Satanists in general. And way back in the day, before I understood the true asshattery of people on the Internet, I was verbally attacked on several Satanism forums for my belief in a literal Satan. Yet it is not <em>their</em> behavior to which I now refer. I mean my own. Instead of getting to know someone who is of a different Satanism sect than myself so that I can understand their beliefs, I derisively pass them off as those rude asshat LeVayan’s. Shame on me; shame on them for their derision of others; shame on all of those guilty of this.

Jake goes on to discuss the anti-Christian movement. To be honest, I believe I have seen more anti-Christian talk from atheists and those from more “earth based” religions. I suppose I can understand why those of the earth based path might dislike Christians; persecution will do that to you… OK. I guess it makes sense why people of any non-Christian religion would be anti-Christian; as far as not wanting the Christians to persecute them anymore and whatnot. But I mean, to take it to the step of attempting to act like the anti-Christ described in the Christian Bible. What’s the point? Can someone please tell me?


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  1. Great post! I think some Theistic Satanists ( I’m a Theistic Satanist too) have an idea what what we should act like and if you don’t act like that then you are not a true Satanist. Hence why they feel the need to try and like,some, Christian expect.

    Comment by vegangoth819 — 25/06/2011 @ 05:04

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