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RevKeona Aligntry Eshyrtew asked us recenlty: How do we make sure, or at least try not to have Satanism as one of the fanatical tripped out religion of “We rule you, and all others will perish while we reign supreme!”

I had to think about this one as I honestly do not believe I have ever heard anyone spouting something like this. Well, anyone that does not worship the Abrahamic God, that is. (Thank you Diane Vera for introducing me to this phrase.)

Then I realize, it’s really fairly simplistic. We remain the mature, rational people that we are now. We talk sensibly; we write sensibly. We do not scream, yell, curse, or throw fits. We counter arguments with logic and rationale. We politely and respectfully point out flawed logic.

The better question? Is this possible?



  1. I watched a debate once, on Youtube I think… the debate was “Islam is a religion of peace” and there was an side for and against the argument. One of the speakers for the against argument stated that NO mono-theistic religion can be peaceful because they all believe THEIRS is the only right religion and most of their teachings (I’ll admit I don’t know much about Theistic Satanism) instruct them to convert as many as possible and condemn the rest. So this leads me to suggest, that the only way you can prevent your religion from being one like the Rev mentioned is to be OKAY with not being the only religion in the world; by accepting that maybe your God (deity) is not the right one for everyone and that does not make Him (Her, It) any less valid than any of the others.
    I love religions and their complexities.

    Comment by AnotherFatPrincess — 29/05/2011 @ 04:29

    • I think that is why I love the Pagan religions – they are, in theory, so accepting of other beliefs. Of course, we all know those within the many and varied Pagan faiths that are just as intolerant as those who follow the Abrahamic God. I believe that all of the Gods currently (and perhaps formerly) worshipped are real. There is just, currently only one for me.

      Comment by Mikyla Abigor — 29/05/2011 @ 04:43

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