Mikyla Abigor's Journey into Theistic Satanism


One Day, Someday

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This is my first post on my new blog. Please, ignore this one as I always like to get that stumbling, bumbling nervous post out of the way immediately. I have another fairly active blog. If you’re interested in the Real Vampire Community, I welcome you to read it as this site is dedicated only to my walk along the path of spirituality.

Throughout my life, I struggled to fit in with the Christians around me. My father, who quit drinking and got his life together renewed his faith in Christ. Today, at the age of 68 he is the most “Christ-like” person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting; my step-mother a close second. I went to a private Baptist boarding school as a teenager. And yet, that holy spirit just never moved me. Not as a small child, not as a searching teenager, not as a young adult, and certainly not now as I careen toward my Forties. (And I promise you today, I won’t be gliding in there peacefully – it’s like that old joke about sliding in to the grave…)

I purchased books about variations of Witchcraft – Wiccan, Green, Candle, Celtic, Norse, etc… While interesting, they never really called to me. So, I marched on in my search…

And I inundated myself with books by LaVey; I laughed so much I do not believe I have ever finished them. Self-centered, egotistical… All I knew was that it just wasn’t me.

Then I stumbled upon Diane Vera. I don’t know if it was her now defunct Yahoo groups or her website. Whatever. It just made sense. It spoke to me; screamed my name. So… for what, five or six years now, I’ve called myself a Theistic Satanist. I’ve not performed any rituals, I’ve just said some prayers to Satan. It’s what I’m comfortable with.

I have not, however, ever really delved into it. Thought about it. Spent time devoted to learning about it. So this is my newest journey. Learning more about the spiritual path I have been flung upon. You might not find it interesting, but I hope you’ll join me…


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