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Questions from Jake

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Today, in the Facebook group, Satanic Theory and Perspective, Jake asked us: So my question – What is your opinion on the handicapped, those with handicapped family members, and those who are not financially well off? — (Not by choice but by matter and circumstance.)

This really makes me stop and think. But I am not sure everyone stopped and put some thought into their answers. Some of the answers really baffled me – that people with mental handicaps cannot ever be true Satanists because they are not smart enough; people with physical handicaps, on the other hand, can because they are still smart.

Um, what? Seriously? I really just don’t get that. Jake and I appear to be on the same page – everyone is a part of Satan’s Kingdom. As such, they might not deserve our respect but that decision is one that should be made after actually getting to know the person individually rather than basing that decision on their mental or physical capabilities.

What do I think of those with handicapped family members? Well, that depends on how they treat them? Are they patient, kind, understanding with their handicapped family members? Or, are they cruel, rude, and ignorant? If they are the former, then I applaud them; if they are the latter, then I rail against them.


As for those who are not financially well-off? Well, I am one of those. I work my ass off, but I am bad with money. And frankly, I don’t care. As they say, you can’t take it with you. Why not spend it on stuff now? (You know, bills and rent and stuffs…)

I know; it probably doesn’t look like I’m putting all that much thought into this. But I am. You might not see it because my words are simple, but it’s there. It might not get put into paper, but it gets put into action. I am all about respect. Respect of self; respect of nature; respect of animals; and respect of others. And some of the answers on the Facebook group made me kind of sad, because they are so far from respectful.

I think this statement burns me the most:  Lastly, if the person has a mental or physical disability of some type, would question their motives for wanting to be “Satanic” in the first place? I feel that Satanism is meant to be more of an “intellectual” philosophy that promotes a logical way of thinking. So if someone has limited mental capacities, how and why would they want to get into Satanism is beyond me, since they should be preoccupied with more important stuff in their lives. So I would be skeptical as to why even be a Satanist if you have all these other issues going on in your life? What would someone like that hope to gain from Satanism if they dont even have the mental capacity to ever fully understand its workings?

I mean, who says that kind of shit? You won’t hold it against them because it isn’t something they can control or do anything about…but, you question their ability to be a Satanist? I have issues going on in my life; you have issues going on in your life – we all have other issues going on. What the hell is that shit about?

As for what one hopes to gain from Satanism? Why is it about what one gains? I mean, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed – I’ll never be a member of Mensa, I only carry a B average… Should I not be a Satanist any longer? The outright audacity of that statement is beyond me.


A response to Sectarian Satanism…

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So, part of the purpose of this blog is for us to network with each other; respond to blog posts of others writing about Theistic Satanism. So far, I have not done that; frankly, I wasn’t sure when I was going to since I’m now back to work at both jobs (7 days a week, 9 hours a day), in school full time, and trying to move. I know, I’m crazy. Whatevs. Today, however; I stayed home sick so I’m going to dedicate a block of time to this and see how I do. As always, the views expressed are my own personal opinion and do not reflect the opinions of anyone else, associated with Satanism or not.

Yesterday, Jake Nicholson (linked on the right —>) gave us a blog post entitled “Sectarian Satanism? (http://thetheisticsatanist.wordpress.com/2011/06/06/sectarian-satanism/), which really got me thinking. I mean, I believe we all know that all paths have had more than one fork, or sect. We just cannot argue that point. It’s when he stated “The larger scale, would be best demonstrated where the LeVayan community espouses a general hatred towards for Satanists who believe in a literal Satan” (para. 3) that I had to stop. Why? Simply because I recognized myself. As the title of my blog tells you, I consider myself a Theistic Satanist. But on my journey of self discovery, I have joined many forums for Satanists – some of which do not tell you they are for LeVayan Satanists rather than Satanists in general. And way back in the day, before I understood the true asshattery of people on the Internet, I was verbally attacked on several Satanism forums for my belief in a literal Satan. Yet it is not <em>their</em> behavior to which I now refer. I mean my own. Instead of getting to know someone who is of a different Satanism sect than myself so that I can understand their beliefs, I derisively pass them off as those rude asshat LeVayan’s. Shame on me; shame on them for their derision of others; shame on all of those guilty of this.

Jake goes on to discuss the anti-Christian movement. To be honest, I believe I have seen more anti-Christian talk from atheists and those from more “earth based” religions. I suppose I can understand why those of the earth based path might dislike Christians; persecution will do that to you… OK. I guess it makes sense why people of any non-Christian religion would be anti-Christian; as far as not wanting the Christians to persecute them anymore and whatnot. But I mean, to take it to the step of attempting to act like the anti-Christ described in the Christian Bible. What’s the point? Can someone please tell me?



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There were a lot of questions posed online today. Some on Facebook, some actually took place in my classroom forums. Some related specifically to Satanism, while others were about Paganism, education, and communicating but can still be applied to Satanism. I love questions! Especially when they require actual thought (rather than automatic, instinctual replies) and Satanism. Questions not only allow us to share our own knowledge, but also to learn from the answers of others.

The first question that came up today, was influenced by a discussion in my classroom forum (I am a student). It was not an outright question, but the conversation led to the question: Is Satanism a form of Paganism?

I honestly consider Satanism (in all its variety) to be a form of Paganism. To understand my reasoning, we first need to study the definition of Pagan:


– noun
1. one of a people or community observing a polytheistic religion, as the ancient Romans and Greeks.
2. a person who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim.
3. an irreligious or hedonistic person.

4. pertaining to the worship or worshipers of any religion that is neither Christian, Jewish, nor Muslim.
5. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of pagans.
6. irreligious or hedonistic.

So, while the greater pagan community might not want to recognize me as a member, I am. At least in my own personal opinion and by the dictionary definition. Now, do others agree with me? It appears not – I believe I am in the minority. And honestly? I don’t mind. Forming my own opinions and making my own decisions is how I roll. LoL!!!
Another question, also not direct but influenced by a discussions: What do you call Satan?
It appears many call Satan by the name “Father”. I, personally, do not. Never have. I have a father; he and my mother created me. I love him dearly and no one will ever take his place. When I speak of Satan, I call Him Satan. When I pray to Him, I call Him Lord. It may not be someone else’s cup of tea, but it feels right to me.




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RevKeona Aligntry Eshyrtew asked us recenlty: How do we make sure, or at least try not to have Satanism as one of the fanatical tripped out religion of “We rule you, and all others will perish while we reign supreme!”

I had to think about this one as I honestly do not believe I have ever heard anyone spouting something like this. Well, anyone that does not worship the Abrahamic God, that is. (Thank you Diane Vera for introducing me to this phrase.)

Then I realize, it’s really fairly simplistic. We remain the mature, rational people that we are now. We talk sensibly; we write sensibly. We do not scream, yell, curse, or throw fits. We counter arguments with logic and rationale. We politely and respectfully point out flawed logic.

The better question? Is this possible?


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One Day, Someday

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This is my first post on my new blog. Please, ignore this one as I always like to get that stumbling, bumbling nervous post out of the way immediately. I have another fairly active blog. If you’re interested in the Real Vampire Community, I welcome you to read it as this site is dedicated only to my walk along the path of spirituality.

Throughout my life, I struggled to fit in with the Christians around me. My father, who quit drinking and got his life together renewed his faith in Christ. Today, at the age of 68 he is the most “Christ-like” person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting; my step-mother a close second. I went to a private Baptist boarding school as a teenager. And yet, that holy spirit just never moved me. Not as a small child, not as a searching teenager, not as a young adult, and certainly not now as I careen toward my Forties. (And I promise you today, I won’t be gliding in there peacefully – it’s like that old joke about sliding in to the grave…)

I purchased books about variations of Witchcraft – Wiccan, Green, Candle, Celtic, Norse, etc… While interesting, they never really called to me. So, I marched on in my search…

And I inundated myself with books by LaVey; I laughed so much I do not believe I have ever finished them. Self-centered, egotistical… All I knew was that it just wasn’t me.

Then I stumbled upon Diane Vera. I don’t know if it was her now defunct Yahoo groups or her website. Whatever. It just made sense. It spoke to me; screamed my name. So… for what, five or six years now, I’ve called myself a Theistic Satanist. I’ve not performed any rituals, I’ve just said some prayers to Satan. It’s what I’m comfortable with.

I have not, however, ever really delved into it. Thought about it. Spent time devoted to learning about it. So this is my newest journey. Learning more about the spiritual path I have been flung upon. You might not find it interesting, but I hope you’ll join me…

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